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Figure 1

Dosan picking oranges in Alta Cresta Groves, c1912 Dosan taught fellow Korean workers in California to pursue every task, including picking oranges as a means of being good citizens, serving their country and helping to free from Japanese occupation.

Figure 2

Dosan studying with children, c1902 Dosan, a Confucian scholar, believed learning created strength, and truth was the key to good character. He came to America to study Western education and Democratic ideals in order to modernize his country and build an independent nation for Korea.

Figure 3

Dosan teaching bible study by oil lamp, c1904-1913 Dosan, an early Christian convert, learned love of humanity with unshakable faith. In Riverside, he taught Bible studies and English to fellow Koreans.

Figure 4

The ideal of cooperation Dosan admired the California Fruit Growers Exchange and realized cooperation was the growers' key to success. He taught Koreans this ideal of cooperation, to help build their national strength.

Figure 5

Leader of the Independence Movement Dosan organized the Korean Provisional Government, in exile in Shanghai. The government upheld the Shanghai Declaration of Independence, based on Dosan's democratic ideals.

Figure 6

Reconciliation and the Ideal of A Nation Dosan fought wholeheartedly for a true Korean republic. He sought every avenue to prepare his people for the responsibilities associated with governing themselves.

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