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As we witness history: Dosan Sunsaeng Statue Installation by Kang, Young-hoon, Chairman, Dosan Ahn Chang Ho Memerial Foundation, Korea

As we, ardent admirers and followers of Dosan Sunsaeng, witness the installation of his statue in the City Mall of an American city, Riverside, I am overwhelmed by the exceptional speed with which the historical project was accomplished. We are all aware that a lot of sacrifice and the spirit of volunteerism went into such a significant undertaking.

First of all, we must thank Mr. Mike Myung-gi Hong for his arduous dedication and achievement as the Chairman of Patriot Ahn Chang Ho Memorial Foundation of Riverside. Second, we are well aware of the cooperation in spirit and energy between the Foundation and Hung Sa Dahn of North America, led by its President, Mr. Young Jung Paik. Third, I would like to express how I am inspired by Mayor Loveridge, the City Council, and the citizens of Riverside, for putting forth the utmost support and encouragement. Fourth, it is the devotion of all the fellow Koreans that brought us to this point, led by Mr. Jung-lip Sohn, the chairman of Korean Association of Inland Empire. Finally, we cannot forget President Kim Dae Jung's special consideration along with the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs, the Embassy of Korea in Washington D.C., the Consul General's office of Los Angeles, and their support.

Notwithstanding all the sacrifices and the devotion mentioned above, this historical event was possible because of Dosan Sunsaeng and his philosophy rooted in the mutual well-being for all humankind and global peace. His humanistic ideals extend to his concept of love for the country and for the people. He gave himself to the country and to the people as though he was responding to a God's call.

When we see Dosan's statue alongside Dr. Martin Luther King's and the planned statue of Mahatma Gandhi, the men who command respect all around the world for having lived for peace and humanism, we are rendered speechless in trying to describe the emotion we feel.

Moreover, when we consider that it was Riverside where Dosan Sunsaeng lived and labored while teaching mutual existence/mutual prosperity within the global structure and pioneering the ethical standards towards building the foundation for goodwill and friendship between Americans and Koreans, the unveiling we are witnessing today represents the blossoms in full bloom from the seeds he planted then on behalf of the moralistic world.

As we look at Dosan Sunsaeng's statue now, I am reminded of his words, "Truth is there for those who follow it, and there will be a day when justice triumphs." I would like to take this opportunity to remind ourselves that it is up to all of us to make Dosan's words a reality.

Thank you.

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