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Assembly Concurrent Resolution

WHEREAS, Dosan Ahn Chang Ho was born in a small village in Korea in 1878.
WHEREAS, The life of Dosan Ahn Chang Ho has had enormous impact and significance on the history of modern Korea and Korean Americans.
WHEREAS, Ahn Chang Ho arrived in America in 1902 with his newly-wed wife, Lee Hae Ryon (Helen Ahn).
WHEREAS, As the steamship approached Hawaii, he made a resolve to stand tall above the sea of turmoil in Korea, created by Japan, and would call himself "Dosan" (Island Mountain).
WHEREAS, While living in San Francisco, he organized the San Francisco Social Meeting on September 23, 1903, and initiated a social reform movement, which was in desperate need in the Korean American society.
WHEREAS, An accomplished orator and persuader at the age of 24, he guided his countrymen to form a respectable community.
WHEREAS, Dosan Ahn Chang Ho and his family settled in Riverside, California in March 1904 and worked tirelessly to unite Korean Americans and to revive the patriotic spirit of the Korean people.
WHEREAS, He helped the Korean American community in Riverside, which was his home until 1913.
WHEREAS, Dosan lived in a small Korean American community in Riverside and picked oranges to care for his family and his mother country - " To pick one orange with care in an American orchard will help our country".
WHEREAS, Dosan and his friends decided to form Gonglip-Hyuphoe, or Cooperative Association, in Riverside.
WHEREAS, The Gonglip-Hyuphoe would become the basis for the Korean National Association, which Dosan later led as president.
WHEREAS, The Korean National Association maintained structure within the Korean American community, both to build character of individuals and to enhance the image of Koreans within the mainstream community.
WHEREAS, While in Riverside, Dosan encouraged fellow Korean Americans to attend night classes in English and the Bible.
WHEREAS, Dosan's Korean improvement work helped shape his future as the spiritual leader of the Korean Independence Movement.
WHEREAS, Following Japan's annexation of Korea in 1910, Dosan formulated the basis for the Provisional Government of Korea and conceived Hung Sa Dahn (Young Korean Academy), an organization to develop leaders for the independence movement, in 1913.
WHEREAS, The Korean National Association was recognized by the American State Department and the California State Government as a self-governing society.
WHEREAS, As a result, the Korean American community became a better place to live for many people, especially the Koreans who immigrated to America before Japan took over Korea.
WHEREAS, In 1915, Dosan promoted the education of the Korean language program for the second generation Korean Americans.
WHEREAS, He wished that this program could be a great opportunity to pass on Korean traditions, values, and identity to younger generations.
WHEREAS, Dosan was one of the first Korean American pioneers and set the path for the two million Korean American living in the United States.
WHEREAS, The great man died in 1938 as a political prisoner of the Japanese occupation forces in Korea

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