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Asian American Studies
Recipient: Asian American Studies Center at UCLA
As one of the premier research centers dedicated to the study of Asian Americans, the Center promotes assimilation of Asian Americans into the American society as a whole. The insights and guidelines established by the Center will help BWF fulfill its mission.

Ethnic Studies
Recipient: University of California-Riverside (UCR) Social Studies Department
In response to the growing demand for the better understanding of ethnic and multicultural community, Dr. Hong has supported this program in the past years. Local communities will benefit from the findings of this study.

Faculty Research
Recipient: La Sierra University
BWF founder Dr. Hong has been supporting La Sierra University for its faculty research fund for past years. BWF will continue this program to further enhance the program that was beneficial to many scholars and students.

Young Leadership Development
Recipient: KAC
BWF supports organizations that facilitate leadership programs. BWF considers that the following elements are crucial for the youth today: awareness in issues past and current; challenges facing the ethnic community; the importance of participation. These programs will also enhance appreciation of cultural identity and roots. Participants will develop leadership skills, foundation for future development and growth through interactive group discussions and skills building workshops.

Youth and Community Support
Recipient: KYCC
BWF is committed to serve the evolving needs of the Asian American population in the Southern California area. BWF plans to support programs that help the youth participate in the process of forming new paradigms for race relations in a diverse community and to rebuild community relations.

Dosan Heritage Award
BWF continues to facilitate the Annual Young Student Essay Contest on Dosan Ahn Chang-Ho's legacy. Dosan Ahn Chang-ho and his wife came to America in 1902. An educator, philosopher, freedom fighter for Korea, orator, and patriot, his legacy continues to live on today. His legacy provides for pride and self-esteem in children as they discover their Korean American roots. BWF will recognize the contest winners by presenting awards and scholarships as appropriate.

Symposium on Asian Moral Leaders
BWF organizes to hold seminars and symposia for young Asian Americans. These sessions are directed towards building common grounds among diverse cultures in the community. Young Asian Americans will be given an opportunity to explore not only the culture that they have inherited from their parents, but also the means to weave the cultural differences they find around them.

"Our Path to The Future", 2002
"To Know Dosan is To Know Ourselves", 2001

Korean American Heritage Award
BWF will organize an annual Korean American Heritage Award to recognize philanthropists and activists who are dedicated to community welfare. This award is earmarked for those who have demonstrated their contribution to the American society as a Korean American.

Scholarship Funding and Sponsorship
BWF provides funding and sponsorship for the organizations and students in the humanities field that relate to BWF philosophy as enumerated herein.

Urgent Aid for North Korean Refugees
BWF is participating in providing aid for North Korean refugees and orphans. BWF will further conduct a vigorous search, and gather opinions and research findings on the situation as well as the most effective way to generate public interest and support.

Many orphans and young children starve to death everyday, especially in the Tummen River area near the North Korea-China boarder. United Nations once proclaimed the area as one of the most poverty stricken regions. BFW will strive to promote its philanthropic spirit regardless of national boarder or ideology.


  • Dosan Ahn Chang-Ho Memorial Monument and Statue Project

  • Wilshire Elementary School

  • The 114th Pasadena Rose Parade Korean American Centennial Float Project



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